CRM analytics supports business decision making

Friday 15 February 2013

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions give business leaders the chance to make more insightful decisions.

Using solutions such as Dynamics CRM, decision makers can use obtain actionable intelligence from analytics.

This can be used to target consumers more effectively, and tailor customer service to suit the needs and preferences of different individuals and groups.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives firms the opportunity to track and measure performance for organisations, business units, teams and individuals.

It also enables them to stay current with dashboards of customisable real-time analytics, and import and export Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets in real time.

Users can take advantage of built-in reports or customise with Report Wizard according to their requirements.

In an article for Business 2 Community, Phillip Green said that investing in a high quality CRM system may be the best decision a company leader will ever take.

He commented that customers are "the main core" of any business - and it is vitally important to ensure they are kept happy.

"Lately, people have realised that it is not easy to make customers happy without researching, collating, interpreting the customer data correctly, and then acting on it," Mr Green stated.

"To do this manually would be unthinkable. Therefore, the CRM system proves to be very handy. Simply said, business will never be the same again."

Posted by Jenny Arthur