Consumers demand a seamless mobile experience

Monday 17 December 2012

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Businesses need to ensure they deliver a seamless shopping experience for smartphone users, it has been claimed.

Patricia Davidson, author, online consultant and founder of, said an increasing number of people are leaving their PCs to shop on smartphones and tablets.

"Gone are the days when you needed to be sitting at a desk in order to shop online, now it doesn't matter where you are," she stated.

"Shoppers will be far more likely to buy via a smartphone or tablet where the experience seamlessly matches that of buying from their laptop or PC - this is what they already expect and achieve from the largest online retailers."

Ms Davidson said mobile shopping needs to be fast, search needs to be very efficient, the customer journey needs to be "effortless" and brand values need to stay the same whatever medium is used to shop.

If companies are unable to deliver in this respect, customers may be lost to their competitors.

She claimed that companies should take advantage of the fact that tried and tested technology systems are well in place to help them.

"Those retailers who already have a well-integrated multi-channel approach are the most likely to benefit from the mobile revolution," Ms Davidson added.

Posted by Jenny Arthur