Cut back on IT costs with cloud computing

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Cloud computing can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) invest in IT without breaking the bank.

In the cloud era, it is possible for SMBs to pay only for the online services they use, rather than having to purchase solutions outright.

This enables them to move from an IT investment model based on capital expenditure to one based on operational.

The result of the change is that they are able to access more sophisticated IT tools, while still having funds left over to spend in other areas.

Particularly as the importance of online trade increases, SMBs need to have some form of web presence in order to keep up with their rivals.

And the use of hosted services in the cloud enables such companies to establish a digital presence without the need to blow their IT budgets for the year.

They do not need to host the supporting IT infrastructure in-house - services are powered by a third-party-owned server in a remote location.

Essentially, SMBs are able to strip back the IT function, focus on what they need and they decide where to source this as a commodity.

Posted by Alex Boardman