Delegation helps small businesses grow

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Customer service

As business owners look to run more successful organisations, they must be prepared to delegate work to their employees, it has been claimed.

Nellie Akalp, chief executive of CorpNet, said that small business owners are "notorious" for having trouble handing over the reins.

"Trying to take care of everything yourself can be harmful to both your wellbeing and your business," she suggested.

"With only one person in charge of the whole show, there’s only so far you can scale."

Ms Akalp said that in 2013, company bosses should be thinking about tasks they can pass on to other people without harming the company.

She claimed there are "countless tasks" that are easy to do and do not require specific expertise.

"If you’re worried about costs, just remember how much of your valuable, revenue-generating time you’ll be freeing up," Ms Akalp added.

"Your business can't grow when you're focused on busy work."

She said that, in addition, bosses should think about areas of their businesses where they could do with specialist expertise - accessible through upwards delegation.

"These are the tasks that require special knowledge and skills and ones not related to the core wheelhouse of your business," the commentator claimed.

Posted by Dan Smith