Desktop virtualisation offers key business benefits

Friday 29 June 2012


When businesses embrace hosted solutions - moving files, folders and documents into the cloud - desktop virtualisation is "the next logical step", it has been claimed.

Jason Currill, founder and chief executive of infrastructure-as-a-service provider Ospero, said companies should be looking to move users' entire workspaces into the cloud.

"I believe, desktop virtualisation is set to become the biggest player in the coming years with personal hardware acting as a terminal to connect to the cloud-based computing hubs that will dominate our workplace," he told the Guardian.

Mr Currill said this can serve as a disaster recovery solution - ensuring work is not lost - but also help safeguard data within business.

When firms use desktop virtualisation, the files and documents backed up online will not be accessible to anyone who steals the computer, he noted.

With desktop virtualisation, all users have to do is open the client on their computer, enter their login details and instantly connect to a fully functioning, high-powered desktop environment.

This can be tailored to the needs of businesses and delivered through their broadband connection, Mr Currill stated.

Because nothing is stored locally, security is all but assured, and because of the way virtual operating systems work, one server can host multiple staff member's desktops," he added.

This reduces the cost to the employer and maximises flexibility for employees.

Posted by Alex Boardman