Email a marketing option for businesses

Friday 13 April 2012

Email marketing can be a very effective way of communicating with consumers as businesses seek to drive revenue.

This is the view of Stefan Drew, the marketing magician at Stefan Drew Associates, who said the channel allows businesses to get right inside consumers' inboxes.

If the headline is compelling enough, businesses should be able to attract attention to the goods and services they have on offer, he suggested.

Another benefit of email marketing is that the channel allows for tailored messages to be sent out to groups of individuals according to their needs and interests, Mr Drew noted.

"You can send to named people who have opted in to receive information," he added.

"You can add links to more information such as websites et cetera. It can be a step towards building relationships and can be part of the relationship between people."

However, Mr Drew said businesses need to ensure the content they include in their email marketing is of a sufficient standard.

"The disadvantages are that it can often be perceived as spam by both people and email systems, it is often not compelling [and] it can get you blacklisted," he added.

Mr Drew suggested that email marketing can be used alongside other channels such as social media advertising.

However, he highlighted the importance of ensuring marketing campaigns generate a return on investment - if not in cost then in terms of time, ease, technical requirements and ability.

Posted by Jenny Arthur