Embrace BYOD or risk missing out, businesses urged

Friday 31 August 2012


Businesses which fail to embrace the consumerisation of IT are likely to encounter difficulties in the future, it has been suggested.

Writing for TechWeekEurope, Peter Judge said companies that shy away from bring your own device (BYOD) schemes risk falling behind their rivals.

This is because employees may be able to work more effectively and productively on their own personal devices, he claimed.

By forcing workers to use company issues, business leaders risk holding their own people back, meaning they do not work as hard or contribute as much to the overall bottom line.

"You may even be losing staff who are frustrated at living in a desktop-centric world," Mr Judge warned.

Pretending that BYOD isn't happening also brings security risks, the expert noted.

"Even if mobile devices are restricted in some way, users will find ways to get round security measures," he said.

"This may result in unsecured data sitting on devices, which are often left in the back of taxi cabs by careless employees."

Mr Judge suggested that employers are better off working with their device on the use of personal mobile devices than against them.

Posted by Alex Boardman