Employees do not feel encouraged to work flexibly, study finds

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Employers can do more to take advantage of modern working practices such as anywhere working, a new study has suggested.

Research conducted by O2 found that 75 per cent of employees feel they are most productive when they can change where and when they work.

One in ten among those surveyed even rated flexi-working as a more important benefit than their holiday allowance and salary.

Yet just 19 per cent of employees said their company encourages them to work flexibly, and just 30 per cent said their firm has a clear policy on this matter.

This is despite 77 per cent of business leaders saying they 'actively encourage' staff members to take advantage of smart working practices.

Some 70 per cent of managers surveyed by O2 say they try to set an example by frequently working from home or changing their working hours.

However just 18 per cent of employees agree this is the case.

O2 business director Ben Dowd said it is "shocking" that less than one fifth of people feel they are encouraged to work flexibly.

"Businesses must sit up and take notice of this critical evolution in employee behaviour and create a business culture equipped to support it," he stated.

"Talking about it simply isn’t enough. To create a truly flexible working culture, actions speak louder than words."

Posted by Alex Boardman