Employees wasting time with unnecessary emails

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Employees may be wasting hours each day emailing colleagues based in the same building, a new study has suggested.

Figures published by McKinsey Global Institute suggest that the average employee spends 28 hours a week writing and reading emails.

Across an entire year, this adds up to 1,500 man-hours - time which in many cases could be put to better use.

The firm suggested that real-time social technologies could be used instead of email, allowing co-workers to keep in touch.

This enables workers to have a conversation without having to wait for responses, facilitating communication without an adverse impact on business productivity.

McKinsey Global Institute suggested that in many cases, companies may be able to reduce costs and increase revenues by embracing social technologies.

Last autumn, Thierry Breton, chief executive of IT service company Atos, announced plans to phase out the use of employee email within his company.

He said that, on average, only ten per cent of the 200 electronic messages his employees receive per day turn out to be useful.

Mr Breton revealed his staff will be asked to use an instant messaging interface as an alternative.

Posted by Sarah Parish