Failure to take lunch 'harms productivity'

Friday 8 February 2013

Business meeting

Employees who fail to take lunch breaks are likely to be harming productivity, experts have warned.

A recent poll by BBC Breakfast showed that more than 50 per cent office workers commonly remained at their desk during lunch.

The Trades Union Congress' (TUC's) general secretary Frances O'Grady said that employers need to realise how much this can harm productivity.

"These figures shine a spotlight on Britain's long-hours culture. Far too many employees are failing to take lunch because they have too much work to do," she explained.

"It is essential that employers recognise the damage this can do to their staff and to the productivity of their workforce."

People who fail to take lunch are likely to experience a productivity slump later in the day, she outlined, and they are also "taking risks" when it comes to health, she said.

Earlier this week the TUC warned that chancellor George Osborne needs to prevent an economic slide towards low productivity and cheap labour.

Posted by Dan Smith