Grow your company using technology, SMB leaders urged

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Investing in technology can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) expand their operations, it has been claimed.

Laurie McCabe, co-founder and partner of market research firm the SMB Group, suggested that information and operational technology can place small companies at a competitive advantage.

Indeed, she told Small Business Computing that it is "getting to a point where it is very difficult to ignore technology".

Firms which continue to do so, persisting with obsolete ways of working, are only likely to fall further behind the market leaders.

Ms McCabe claimed that those SMBs which do commit funding to this area tend to see revenue growth which is higher than their peers.

She urged business leaders to think about technology strategically and view it as a business enabler.

For a recent report, IT analyst Gartner interviewed chief information officers, aiming to see where their technology priorities lie for 2013.

Respondents to the survey said business intelligence and analytics is their number one priority, ahead of mobile solutions and cloud computing.

Posted by Alex Boardman