Managers have influence on business productivity

Friday 15 February 2013

Business managers have a significant bearing on productivity levels within the enterprise, it has been claimed.

Writing for Business Insider, Vivian Giang said that when workers perform well at their jobs, a lot of it may have to do with the guidance and mentorship of their leader.

She drew attention to a study conducted by Evolv, which suggests managerial staff have the ability to encourage greater productivity from employees.

The research indicated that productivity levels are heavily influenced by the training, development and encouragement received from managers.

In addition, the productivity of managerial staff themselves may encourage positive behaviour from employees, it indicated.

Michael Housman, managing director of analytics at Evolv, commented: "When we break down the factors that explain that performance, we find that a lot of it is attributable to the supervisor and some of that is attribute to the employee themselves.

"But the interesting thing is that when we break it down by worker and boss, we find that they explain approximately equal amounts of the variation in day-to-day performance."

Earlier this month, Trades Union Congress' general secretary Frances O'Grady highlighted the importance of taking a lunch break to effective working.

"Far too many employees are failing to take lunch because they have too much work to do," she explained.

"It is essential that employers recognise the damage this can do to their staff and to the productivity of their workforce."

Posted by Sarah Parish