More firms using cloud for business continuity

Thursday 13 December 2012

Cloud computing

More businesses will take advantage of cloud computing for business continuity during 2013, it has been predicted.

According to Forrester Research, next year will see companies "get real" about using hosted services for backup and disaster recovery.

"Instead of enterprises buying resources in case of a disaster, cloud computing and its pay-per-use pricing model lets you pay for long-term data storage while only paying for servers when testing or declaring a disaster," the firm stated.

Forrester Research said the cloud will probably not replace business' disaster recovery and business continuity completely, but it can make a significant contribution.

When data and applications are hosted in the cloud, they are accessible from almost any location and the vast majority of connected devices.

The analyst said the cloud is turning the cost of storage upside down faster every month.

"What was cheaper to back up to traditional disaster recovery storage last year will be cheaper and easier to put in the cloud," it stated.

"Pretty soon we’ll wonder why we ever maintained our own long-term cold storage."

In a recent article for HostReview, Michael Moore said cloud hosting can help improve the security of online services and data.

The platform offers many security features that are "incomparable with others", he claimed.

Posted by Alex Boardman