Music can help businesses improve productivity

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Businesses may be able to improve productivity levels by playing music in the workplace, it has been claimed.

New research reveals that 77 per cent of companies have seen morale and output increase as a result of having the radio on.

UK employers are required to apply for licences in order to play music on commercial premises - but licensing organisation PPL, which commissioned the study, believes this is a price worth paying.

PPL's director of operations Christine Geissmar claimed that music is good for people to have in everyday life.

She suggested that playing music in the workplace can help employees enjoy the working day more and boost their engagement levels.

"We know that playing music has huge benefits and we are keen for as many business owners as possible to understand how cost effective and beneficial playing music can be," Ms Geissmar added.

"We are encouraging businesses to find out more about how they can enjoy the benefits of music while being legally compliant."

Psychologist Dr Vicky Williamson said music positively influences consumer mood/emotional states through psycho-physiological reactions and autobiographical memory associations.

"Silence by comparison can be intrusive, as it throws unwelcome attention on the consumers' behaviour," she noted.

Posted by Sarah Parish