Office 365 is an upgrade for Microsoft customers

Monday 18 March 2013

Office 365 is "what the regular Office suite should be", one technology commentator has claimed.

Writing for the Daily Clog, Daniel Radder explained that Microsoft has now moved the services suite into the cloud, offering a range of additional options for users.

"All of your Office files are synced to the cloud and you can access and work on them anywhere whether it’s on your computer, a computer at the library, or even your phone," he noted.

Mr Radder explained that users can collaborate on files with other Office 365 workers - offering maximum agility.

This makes it easier for teams of colleagues to work together on the same projects, even if they are distributed across a number of different sites.

Using the cloud, it is possible for more than one person to work simultaneously on the same file or document, with real-time updates made available for other users to view and comment on.

Last month, Michael A Prospero told Laptop that Office 365 has delivered some "welcome tweaks" to Microsoft Word, which improve its overall use.

He explained that the cloud-based version of the word processor has new features which help improve the user experience.

"Read mode will especially appeal to tablet users who are interested in reading, rather than editing, a document," Mr Prospero stated.

"This setting presents documents in a full-screen view, with a minimised toolbar at the top, and two arrow keys on either side to move forward or back through a document."

Posted by Alex Boardman