Office 365 offers great value, says PC Advisor

Friday 22 March 2013

Microsoft Office 365 has received a four-star rating from PC Advisor, which believes the package is a good value and comprehensive productivity suite.

The news provider explained that although Office 365 runs locally on PCs, laptops and tablets, it offers various cloud-based solutions such as SkyDrive storage space.

Users can install the suite on up to five different machines, giving them maximum flexibility and the ability to see a greater return on investment.

"The new version of Office reveals a number of useful improvements in its core components, and minor tweaks throughout," PC Advisor noted.

"Word's round-trip PDF editing, Excel's Quick Analysis and Flash Fill, and improvements to Presenter View in PowerPoint immediately come to mind."

The site said that improved integration with SkyDrive and the ability to use the Office apps anywhere, with documents downloaded from the cloud, is "clearly the way forward when working out of the office".

PC Advisor explained that users require fast connectivity in order to make the most out of the package, which should not be a problem in urban areas.

"Office remains the most comprehensive productivity suite available, and there are still things that each of its applications can do that the opposition can't," the news provider stated.

"If you're working with Office documents, there's nothing more compatible than Office."

Posted by Alex Boardman