Office 365 sees 'welcome tweaks' for Word users

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Office 365 has delivered some "welcome tweaks" to Microsoft Word, which improve its overall use, one reviewer has claimed.

Writing for Laptop, Michael A Prospero explained there have been "no major changes" to the word processing package for the cloud-based productivity suite.

But there are new features which will help improve the user experience, he claimed.

"Read mode will especially appeal to tablet users who are interested in reading, rather than editing, a document," Mr Prospero stated.

"This setting presents documents in a full-screen view, with a minimised toolbar at the top, and two arrow keys on either side to move forward or back through a document."

He noted that a 'Tools' drop-down menu allows users to search through documents quickly, as well as perform a Bing search.

Mr Prospero said the 'Comments' tool is a welcome addition, as this allows users to leave notes in the margins of any document.

"Microsoft has also made it much easier to insert photos and multimedia into Word, even going so far as to include options for adding online sources," he stated.

"Once added to a document, dragging multimedia elements around re-flows text in real-time, making it much easier to see what the final product will look like."

Posted by Sarah Parish