PCI security standards council releases cloud computing guidelines

Friday 8 February 2013

The PCI security standards council has released guidelines regarding cloud computing as more and more businesses look to embrace the new technology.

PCI special interest groups aimed to outline common deployment and service models for cloud environments.

This includes how implementations may vary within the different types, what sort of challenges to compliance could be experienced in a cloud computing environment and documenting responsibilities to different cloud models and guidance.

Chris Brenton, PCI Special Interest Group contributor, commented: "One of cloud computing's biggest strengths is its shared-responsibility model. However, this shared model can magnify the difficulties of architecting a secure computing environment.

“One of this supplement's greatest achievements is that it clearly defines the security responsibilities of the cloud provider and the cloud customer."

This follows comments from Jake Garner, content marketing manager at Logicworks, who said that business leaders need to arm themselves with knowledge of cloud technology, as organisational ignorance remains a problem.

Posted by Dan Smith