SMBs can mix legacy IT and cloud computing

Monday 5 March 2012

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do not need to completely overhaul their IT infrastructure when embracing cloud computing, it has been claimed.

According to Business Link, cloud services are often chosen by businesses to supply a particular IT need, rather than replace all existing IT.

So existing hardware solutions hosted on-site can be used alongside services provided by a third-party through the cloud.

Business Link said cloud computing can help businesses make the most of limited IT budgets.

"The level of professional support provided can help the business grow more quickly," the advisory service added.

"When thinking about using cloud services, you should first consider trialling it with non-critical applications or business processes - to see how it works for your business and what benefits it can bring."

Business Link explained that whatever type of cloud service being considered, it provides an opportunity to review and improve existing business processes and reinforce best practice.

Writing for ZDNet UK, Alan Priestley recently explained that signing up for hosted services can actually see companies improve their security arrangements.

He said it is a myth that cloud computing services are not secure, given that vendors invest millions on their security systems.

Posted by Alex Boardman