Search engine marketing helps support SMB growth

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are missing out by failing to take advantage of search engine marketing, it has been claimed.

In a study conducted by XLN Telecom, just 53 per cent of SMBs with websites said they are search optimised - meaning many are missing out on this valuable technique.

Websites which are optimised for search engines tend to receive higher rankings when web users type in search terms on sites such as Bing and Yahoo.

Christian Nellemann, chief executive and founder of XLN Telecom, said there is "a startling amount of business going uncontested online".

"Some 93 per cent of all internet traffic is generated from search engines, so the half that have optimised their sites are making hay while the rest sit around and wait for the phone to ring," he stated.

Mr Nellemann claimed that the internet and search engines have "transformed" the way people look for services or research purchases.

"Looking at the stats, it’s hard to overestimate the potential rewards for improving search engine visibility," he stated.

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Posted by Jenny Arthur