Server virtualisation adoption continues apace

Wednesday 19 December 2012


Server virtualisation is now becoming commonplace in the world of business, it has been suggested.

Sean Kopelke, director of specialist solutions for the Pacific region at Symantec, said that for an increasing number of companies, virtualisation underpins every aspect of the data centre.

“Organisations have gained the confidence to virtualise both their non-critical and business applications to realise the benefits of increased performance and efficiency," he stated.

Mr Kopelke was commenting after a Newspoll survey revealed that 50 per cent of respondents had virtualised more than three-quarters of their servers.

Some 78 per cent said they had done the same for business critical applications, and 83 per cent have secured their virtual environment.

“Whether a large organisation or a smaller company, the majority of businesses are looking to virtualise at least a part of their environment,” Mr Kopelke claimed.

He said it is vitally important to secure virtual servers, as threats continue to put pressure on IT managers and administrators across the board.

"It is clear the threat landscape is evolving constantly, from scammers on social networking sites to new threats such as Ransomware," the expert added.

With virtualisation the foundation for the cloud, securing the virtual world is key for all enterprises, he claimed.

Posted by Alex Boardman