Social media can help businesses rebuild reputations

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Social media can be used to help businesses rebuild their reputations following a crisis, it has been suggested.

According to consultant Melissa Agnes, companies can use networking websites to regain the trust of consumers following a service mishap.

Should a crisis occur, the best way for companies to prevent reputational damage is to manage the situation effectively as it takes place, she noted.

Ms Agnes said tackling the issue head-on, responding to the public's desire for inquiries and on-demand updates, putting the victim first and being sincere and honest can all help.

She claimed that social media can be a good way of engaging with people should such a situation arise.

"The more honest, transparent and sincere you are with your audience, the more you will appeal to them on a human level and gain their trust and forgiveness," the expert noted.

"When in doubt, always remember to focus on building a relationship with your market. Well-established relationships go a long way in and out of a crisis."

Ms Agnes said it is important to be careful about the marketing messages and campaigns launched in the aftermath of a damaging occurrence.

The choices made here may say a lot about a company and whether it understands the damage that has been caused, she noted.

Posted by Jenny Arthur