Tablets are the new 'significant other' in business

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Mobile devices are now an integral part of business operations, and have provided firms with greater freedom than ever before. Spearheading this movement in recent years has been the tablet - a device that is now so commonplace in executives' lives that in some ways it is a technological 'significant other'.

As with their own partners in life, many people rely on their tablets for help and assistance, while others are literally attached at the hip, ensuring that they are always close by in a briefcase or the office desk.

Similarly, the sheer breadth of possibilities presented by tablets means that they are in no danger of being phased out - they are in it for the long term, and the key to maximising this relationship is to synchronise to the best of their ability.

The rise of the tablet computer

Sales statistics do not lie, and figures for last year show that tablets are now overtaking smartphones as a purchasing platform, even though there are fewer tablets than smartphones in existence. Businesses are increasingly finding that smartphones provide the perfect bridge between the power of a PC and the functionality of a smartphone, and are voting with their cash.

To capitalise on this rise in popularity, businesses need to do all they can to ensure their websites and other processes are mobile-optimised. Not only will consumers use the devices to contact them and make purchases, but staff will also need to familiarise themselves with the interface to streamline their own responsibilities.

As businesses augment their online offering to better reflect changing consumer trends, it is worth considering the most optimal operation system, with Windows 8.1 leading the pack. Microsoft's latest operating system is designed specifically with mobile users in mind; something evidenced by its touch-friendly live tiles, that enrich the user experience.

What can Surface Pro 2 do for you?

The opportunities presented by tablets, particularly Surface Pro 2, are endless. With access to powerful browsers and collaboration solutions, executives are able to stay constantly in touch with colleagues and clients, while the option of adopting touch-screen technology or typing with a keyboard presents them with multiple ways to conduct business and carry out important tasks.

Additionally, the Surface Pro Pen brings a host of features to the table, including the ability to write manually, mark up presentations and e-sign documents. Professionals are able to complete business deals without the need to email or fax documents simply for the purpose of providing a signature, ensuring that no time is lost and productivity is maximised.

As tablets increase in prominence in the years ahead, businesses which take the opportunity to embrace the trend early and embark on a new tech relationship will be the first ones to benefit.

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Posted by Alex Boardman