Tablets can boost SMB productivity

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from providing employees with tablet computers, it has been claimed.

Writing for Tech Republic, Jack Wallen said the touch-screen devices offer "an inexpensive way to get your employees mobile".

And by freeing up workers to operate productively away from their desktop, the technology can make small businesses mobile.

"Not only do they allow for serious work to be done on the road, they enable you to conduct transactions more efficiently," Mr Wallen commented.

He said this is due to the "myriad of software titles" available to tablet users.

According to Mr Wallen, the devices allow SMB employees to combine powerful productivity tools with invoicing and payment software.

"Modern tablets provide a complete office-on-the-go experience," he told the news provider.

"Eventually, the tablet will completely replace the laptop as the go-to hardware for mobile business users."

Recent sales figures suggest there may prove to be accuracy in this prediction, with tablet use continuing to rise as the PC market slumps.

According to figures published by Gartner, global PC shipments dropped 10.9 per cent to 76 million during the second quarter of 2013 - the fifth consecutive quarter of decline and the longest period of negative growth in the history of the market.

Gartner said all regions showed a decline compared to a year ago, as businesses and consumers focused more of their attention on mobile technology.

Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner, claimed that negative growth in the PC industry is "directly tied" to the rise of tablet computers.

She said the affordability of tablet computers - as well as their agility and mobility - is encouraging many users to adopt them as their first computing device.

Microsoft solutions can help your SMB take advantage of remote working opportunities.

Posted by Alex Boardman