Technology requirements for shared hosting packages

Thursday 24 January 2013

Businesses may have a number of technology requirements for their shared hosting packages, it has been claimed.

Writing for PC Pro, Kevin Partner said that, as a bare minimum, hosting packages should include PHP 5 - the programming language that adds dynamic functionality to web pages.

They should also have MySQL 5 - the most commonly used database - with permission to create one database, he stated.

"You might not know yet that you’re going to need these technologies, but they cost nothing, and offer the possibility to add functionality to your site without needing to change packages later," Mr Partner stated.

They may also give firms the opportunity to install WordPress or other web applications that make creating a website easier.

"You also need a control panel to configure your web space," Mr Partner stated.

"The most popular one for shared hosting is cPanel, and I recommend also ensuring that Fantastico De Luxe is included in your package."

He explained that this is a bolt-on that offers one-click installation of a number of web applications, including WordPress, various other content management systems, photo galleries and discussion boards.

Posted by Alex Boardman