Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Internet Explorer 10

Wednesday 24 July 2013

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Almost two decades after its introduction, Internet Explorer remains as popular as ever. The browser is available in almost 100 languages worldwide, and boasts countless millions of business and consumer users.

The browser has changed significantly since its arrival on the scene in 1995, reflecting innovation within the world of IT. The current version, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) launched alongside Windows 8 in October 2012, and became available to Windows 7 users in spring 2013.

But what are the benefits of upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer? Here are five good reasons to download the latest version.

Faster browsing

IE10 supports much faster browsing than the previous version, meaning your people can perform online tasks and find the information they are looking for quicker than ever. This has positive implication from a productivity perspective, as employees look to maximise the use of their time. The browser is designed to work equally well with both Windows 7 and Windows 8, meaning users can benefit from an upgrade whichever operating system they are using.

Designed for touch

The latest version of Internet Explorer has been built to cater for touch-screen users, with smooth, intuitive controls. The growing popularity of smartphones and media tablets means it is becoming ever-more important to provide an easy browsing experience for those without the benefit of a mouse. Users can navigate the browser using their fingers, and use the same bar to type web addresses and conduct online searches.

Focus on websites

More so than previous versions, IE10 puts the focus on websites and users' web apps. More of the screen is dedicated to the websites themselves, with toolbars and navigational controls appearing as and when required. With full-screen web browsing now available, device users can maximise the space they have available, helping to perform online tasks with greater ease.

Improved security

IE10 is Microsoft's most secure web browser ever, designed to combat socially-engineered malware and guard against other vulnerabilities. This can help allay business leaders' privacy fears, particularly where sensitive information is being handled online. The in-built Do Not Track tool can be enabled in one simple click, offering increased control to the user.

Easy upgrade

If your devices are not already using IE10 - having upgraded automatically - the new browser can be downloaded manually in just a few short steps.  IE10 is available in a range of different languages, helping to meet the needs of diverse workforces.

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Posted by Jenny Arthur