University can be ideal for starting a business

Tuesday 11 December 2012

University can be the perfect place to start a business, one young entrepreneur has claimed.

Liam Neal, 20, a third year student at Keele University, believes full-time study need not be a barrier to starting a business.

He told the Guardian how he set up his own printing company - Inspiring Imagery - with a friend while studying, rather than putting his business dream to one side until after graduation.

"Since the start of the year we have been juggling growing the business, studying for our degrees as well as holding down part-time jobs," Mr Neal explained.

"But despite this, I would still say that now was the ideal time to turn our dreams of starting a business into reality."

He said the university environment has been key to Inspiring Imagery's success, with the specialist advice and assistance on-hand proving extremely helpful.

"Most universities, even if they don't offer dedicated facilities for fledgling start-ups, will have strong links with the local business community," Mr Neal told the news provider.

He noted that experienced career advisers can put students in touch with initiatives designed to help them get their idea off the ground.

There is also a wealth of academic knowledge to make the most of and use proactively, Mr Neal said.

"For example, students can attend relevant seminars and studying business-related modules as part of their degree," he added.

Posted by Jenny Arthur