Virtualisation reduces cost and adds flexibility

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Virtualisation technology offers benefits to companies large and small, it has been claimed.

David Hancock, managing director of computer support company Geeks2U, said the concept is "surprisingly simple" - it revolves around the idea of one device pretending to be another.

"In a server room environment, that might mean one large server pretending to be several smaller servers – perhaps a mail server, file server and web server," he told Smart Company.

"Each virtual server behaves as if it was a separate physical machine, even though they're all sharing the same underlying hardware."

Alternatively, Mr Hancock said a server room might contain a cluster of powerful servers which work together and pretend to be a range of different servers.

That cluster could even assume the guise of a company's desktop computers, or simply manage centralised virtual applications, he noted.

The expert said consolidating hardware offers cost benefits, increased flexibility and greater reliability.

"Virtualisation can employ intelligent load balancing which redistributes resources on the fly to keep everything running smoothly," he noted.

"So basically your web server can borrow a cup of RAM from your mail server when it's under heavy load and then return the favour if necessary."

Posted by Alex Boardman