Web hosting is crucial for small businesses getting online

Wednesday 13 November 2013

When setting up a website for their business, entrepreneurs need to think about web hosting, it has been claimed.

Writing for This Is Money, Amy Andrew explained that all sites need to be hosted on a web server in order to make them accessible to users via the internet.

She noted that hosting involves housing, serving and maintaining files so that potential customers are able to view the site contents.

Essentially this acts as the gateway between the website and the web itself, Ms Andrew added.

"If you have gone for a DIY template, the company will usually provide a hosting service, too, this may be included in the price or free or you may have to pay extra. This is typically a set amount per month or per year," she noted.

"Alternatively you can buy a hosting service from a separate company if you like. Those that have built their own website obviously need to pay for a hosting service, too."

Ms Andrew said domain name registration and hosting can usually be set up through the same company - reducing the level of complexity when setting up a website for your small business.

From email, to websites and customer relationship management, Microsoft hosted solutions give you access to valuable IT solutions, while dramatically reducing the cost and resources associated with running them on-premise.

Posted by Alex Boardman