Women easier to target with online marketing, businesses told

Friday 25 May 2012

The way companies market products and services to men and women should differ, one industry expert has suggested.

Gail Parminter, creative director at Madwomen.co.uk, claimed that women are much more prodigious users of social media, and more likely to use ecommerce tools.

She said that men tend not to use online search functions, because when shopping online they have a clearer idea of where they are going and what they want.

By contrast, women do far more than just purchase products online, Ms Parminter added.

"They spend triple the amount of time online than men do when trying to make a purchase and they will use various online methods - [such as] asking their friends on Facebook what they think," she said.

Women check their profile far more than men and they also look at their Twitter account more frequently, Ms Parminter noted.

This means business marketers have got lots more ways to target women over the internet, which can help drive increased sales.

"They will also become very loyal brand advocates. If women find something they like, they are much more likely than men to talk about it and share this information with friends," she added.

Female shoppers take a great deal of pride in their purchases and talk about what affect it has on their lives.

Posted by Jenny Arthur