Bosses bored of obsessive tweeters

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Bosses are becoming increasingly annoyed with employees who spend half of their working day on Twitter.

A new study by SME money saving website highlighted that time spent on such sites can add up to huge productivity losses for businesses with almost half (47 per cent ) of business owners saying they are concerned by the amount of time their staff spend on Twitter.

In particular, small business owners expressed concerns that the use of programs such as Tweetdeck which provide continuous streaming are bad for productivity.

And it seems that bosses have a right to be concerned, with 63 per cent admitting to using Twitter briefly at work and 13 per cent confessing to spending 45 minutes or more on the site a day.

This figure could be even higher in reality as employees are naturally reluctant to admit the full extent of their social media usage.

"A conservative estimate from our research would be, generally speaking, 20 minutes is lost per employee per day to Twitter. For a relatively small company with 30 employees this equates to a loss of 50 hours a week," a spokesperson for the company said.

Many businesses are finding themselves stuck between not wanting staff to waste time on Twitter but wanting to use it for advertising and marketing purposes, meaning they can't ban it fully.

The spokesperson stated: "In today's digital age, companies are under increasing pressure to add social media to their on-going marketing campaigns and with over half of the UK now using sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can see why."

However, it is important that staff understand the line between personal and professional Twitter use. Companies could perhaps try introducing a Twitter charter setting out dos and don'ts for using it in the workplace or even simple measures such as following employees so they can see just how much they are using the site. 

Posted by Jenny Arthur