BYOD benefits outweigh the risks

Friday 15 June 2012

The advantages offered by bring your own device schemes (BYOD) outweigh the disadvantages, it has been claimed.

Phil Gillard, general manager at, said it is important that remote workers are able to access company data wherever they are.

And in addition, employees need to be able to communicate with their bosses, colleagues and clients throughout the day, irrespective of location.

Mr Gillard noted that many businesspeople travel extensively, and it is often these individuals who need to keep in touch with company headquarters.

"Maybe not with the day-to-day, minute-to-minute view of what's going on from an operation point of view, but the overall equipment efficiency, energy usage and production downtime data," he suggested.

The expert said there are "major advantages" associated with BYOD, which outweigh concerns over data security.

He said companies should follow the lead of the IT world, which is putting measures in place to counter the risks on an ongoing basis.

"Typically, what I'm seeing in terms of overcoming those problems is security software, which allows you to wipe all the data off a particular device in the event that it is stolen - or when people enter the wrong password five or six times," Mr Gillard added.

Posted by Alex Boardman