Leadership is crucial for business success

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Strong leadership can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) attract new customers, it has been claimed.

Chris Daniels, head of London 2012 the business-to-business activation division at Lloyds TSB, said challenging employees on a day-by-day basis assists company growth.

Writing for the Guardian, he said there are lots of great employee engagement stories out there, across all sectors.

"In both small and large companies you have the power to make people's lives more meaningful and richer," Mr Daniels advised.

He said that having good leadership at the top that sets a strong vision and strategy, helps engage employees and encourages them to reach their potential.

Giving each employee meaningful work that is challenging also brings the best out in individual workers, contributing to overall productivity and ultimately growth, Mr Daniels suggested.

"All the gimmicks in the world don't replace these two core factors," he claimed.

Paul Lindley, founder of Ella's Kitchen - a firm shortlisted at the Orange National Business Awards - recently highlighted the importance of company bosses being passionate about their sector.

They need to care about the industry they are working in, otherwise they are likely to simply go through the motions, he suggested.

Posted by Jenny Arthur