Promotional products help raise brand awareness

Monday 3 September 2012


Promotional samples can be used to raise brand awareness and increase business sales, it has been claimed.

Stefan Drew, owner of Stefan Drew Associates, and known as the marketing magician, said there is evidence to suggest that such items can significantly increase profits.

He explained that some charities have used promotional pens when they want to encourage people to sign up or complete a membership application form.

"In these cases cheap recyclable pens are excellent in creating the perception that the charity needs the money," Mr Drew stated.

He said that other promotional samples have been used to allow customers to "test drive" a new product.

"In one case a mailshot we designed to encourage prospects to request a sample gave a 23 per cent response rate," Mr Drew noted.

"The campaign was extremely effective in that the product was then tested and orders followed."

However, he urged businesses to avoid this strategy if they haven't thought it through properly and carried out careful planning.

"Sadly too few measure the response rate or cannot demonstrate a link between the gift and recruitment figures," Mr Drew said.

Posted by Jenny Arthur