Reliable web hosting crucial for customer service

Monday 10 September 2012

Poorly thought-out web hosting decisions can cause "all sorts of problems" down the line, it has been claimed.

Raj Sukkersudha, managing director at Q3 Internet Services, explained that online companies need a reliable web host in order to ensure they meet their customers' needs.

"If the website doesn't function well, is plagued with performance issues and/or is difficult to update readily, this will reflect badly on the business and have an impact on the customer experience, harming sales," he stated.

"A company's web presence today is no longer a nice-to-have, it is core to an organisation's brand."

As a result, companies cannot leave their web hosting choices to chance, Mr Sukkersudha warned.

He added that companies need to consider which qualities of the service are most important to them, and ensure these are adequately provided for.

"There is a reason that hosting services can range from several pounds to several hundred pounds a month - you get what you pay for," the expert said.

"At one end of the spectrum, the service will be pared back to the bare essentials much like a no-frills airline; at the other extreme will be an all-you-can-eat proposition including comprehensive managed ICT services."

He claimed that the best-case scenario for the discerning purchaser is "a menu of options", ensuring transparency so a business can set its own priorities and see exactly what it is getting for its money.

"The problems arise when terms aren't set down at the outset or companies overlook the small print. As ever, the devil is in the detail," Mr Sukkersudha stated.

Posted by Jenny Arthur