Virtualisation tops IT priorities list

Friday 26 October 2012

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IT managers are increasingly looking to the modernisation, virtualisation and consolidation of their data centres as their main priorities this year.

That is the opinion of Nick Parfitt, senior analyst at DCD Intelligence, who told the Age that the global data centre industry is expanding "exponentially", and businesses are rushing to keep up.

He explained that 65 per of expenditure goes on improving and refitting existing facilities, and while the digital era means there is more data, companies are using data centres to store information and conform to legislation.

The solution, according to Matthew Boon, global manager of Gartner's data centre research team, may lie in the virtualisation of existing data centres.

He told the Age that the large costs involved with building new data centres is simply not an attractive option for businesses, and so is driving companies to look at new technologies to better leverage the space they have.

"For example, over the last three to four years, many organisations have been virtualising their infrastructure. Virtualisation can reduce the number of servers in data centres, which also reduces power and cooling," he explained.

Posted by Alex Boardman