More companies embracing next-gen IT security

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Businesses are increasingly allocating resources to next-generation IT security, as they bid to safeguard information and protect their systems, it has been claimed.

Writing for Data Center Knowledge, Bill Kleyman said companies have now "gone far beyond the standard firewall" and are using ever-more advanced solutions.

Security appliances, both physical and virtual, are now offering more for people demanding greater amounts of security, he stated.

"The future of security technologies revolves around the ability to offer granular control over content both coming in and leaving an environment," Mr Kleyman claimed.

"This is where security in the cloud becomes important."

He said solutions have been developed to monitor and control cloud-based traffic.

Furthermore, many organisations are deploying appliances which are capable of protecting internal applications and prevent the leakage of information, Mr Kleyman stated.

He said that when working with next-generation security products, businesses should see virtual and physical firewalls, cloud security, IPS/DLP and application firewalls as "key components".

Mr Kleyman described these as "truly powerful innovations" which are designed to make the management and deployment process easier for businesses.

Posted by Alex Boardman