Social media is a valuable marketing tool

Thursday 8 November 2012

The use of social media can play an important role in achieving business growth, it has been suggested.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Sirangi Kalpana said it is "quite sensible and effective" to use networking sites for marketing activity, if done correctly.

She noted that Twitter and Facebook are two of the most important sites for business advertising at present.

"Many people spend a lot of time in these social networking sites and they want to keep updated through them," Ms Kalpana stated.

Business accounts should be created and customised, then linked to blogs and email activities to boost their profile, she suggested.

Customers should be informed of the fact there could updates available through these sources, Ms Kalpana told the news provider.

She noted that networking websites have millions of users, and these could be useful in attracting more customers.

"The basis of motto of social networking sites is sharing and interacting," Ms Kalpana added.

"If a particular person likes the business then they would spread the word to hundreds of other contacts."

And these contacts could be responsible for doing the same, creating a viral marketing effect.

Posted by Jenny Arthur