People are key to successful business collaboration

Thursday 8 November 2012


Almost every business is focusing on implementing or improving collaboration, it has been suggested.

Leigh Jasper, chief executive and co-founder of Aconex, said companies are trying to find ways of getting their employees to work together more effectively in order to boost productivity.

But, writing for Computerworld, he explained that often the company lacks a clear sense of what it is trying to achieve.

"While it’s true that we often collaborate around information, we shouldn’t make the mistake of believing that collaboration is about information," Mr Jasper stated.

He said access to more data does not improve productivity unless it enables business activities that were not possible before.

Alternatively, it must accelerate existing activities.

"Real collaboration is about improving the processes that people use to get their jobs done," Mr Jasper claimed.

"This is especially true for collaboration at enterprise scale. You can’t just send out a memo explaining a great new information structure for your file sharing and expect thousands of people to adapt their processes to the new structure."

Unless the company starts with a focus on people, rather than information, it may end up on the wrong track, he warned.

Posted by Sarah Parish