Virtualisation software markets see strong growth

Friday 9 November 2012


The two main virtualisation software markets were among the fastest growing overall last year, a new study has revealed.

Research conducted by IDC indicated that 'virtual machine and cloud system software' and 'virtual client computing' were principle drivers of the overall software market.

Both segments achieved double-digit growth in 2011, building on the improvements seen over the past three years.

"Virtual machine software unit shipments still remain healthy and growing," said Gary Chen, research manager of cloud and virtualisation system software.

However, he noted that there has been some slowdown in mature markets with high virtualisation rates, as can be expected.

"Business models are shifting as well, with the hypervisor drawing less direct revenue and increasingly becoming an embedded feature of operating systems and cloud system software," Mr Chen stated.

He noted that competition in the market is fiercer than ever, as vendors such as Microsoft and Red Hat come to the fore with increasingly capable and cheaper solutions.

Mr Chen added that cloud system software remains a nascent market, but holds a lot of promise as customers evolve from virtualised infrastructure to cloud infrastructure.

"On the client side, virtual client computing remains on a steady growth path as the industry matures its solutions and customers begin to transform their desktops and workspaces," he noted.

Posted by Alex Boardman