SMBs still concerned over cloud security

Friday 9 November 2012


Concerns over security have prevented some small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from adopting cloud computing, it has been suggested.

Stuart Hibbert, co-founder of, noted that there are always question marks around IT security where the cloud is concerned.

He said the majority of SMBs are looking to ensure that their data is as secure as it can possibly be - and some are concerned about outsourcing responsibility for it.

"There can be hesitance in terms of adopting cloud computing because of that but in many instances, the good providers of cloud services out there take security extremely seriously," Mr Hibbert stated.

"They abide by all of the rules of the Data Protection Act."

He said that security is tight and generally speaking, "much tighter than many of these SMBs would actually have for themselves in terms of the firewalls and application detection".

Cloud computing providers can afford more sophisticated intrusion detection systems, meaning enhanced security is available to users, Mr Hibbert stated.

According to Ian Shaw, managing director of MWR InfoSecurity, greater connection speeds will inevitably support moves towards cloud computing over the coming years.

Posted by Alex Boardman