IT departments must be willing to embrace change

Monday 12 November 2012

Customer service

IT departments must be prepared to move with the times and keep pace with business innovation, it has been suggested.

Frank Modruson, chief information officer at Accenture, said it is important for IT leaders and employees to engage with the wider organisation in order to build trust.

"The faster you move forward with more successes for the business, the more performance and trust you will get," he commented.

"Some IT departments are viewed as the 'no' department, but they are behind the times, are struggling to catch up, and don't have the capabilities they need."

Mr Modruson said that if IT is with the business, moving forward, it is likely to have a much more positive perception.

The department should be enabling and delivering what the business wants, he added.

In the long run, such an approach may allow the CIO to take a more central decision making role within businesses and organisations.

And with a more respected voice in the boardroom, the IT chief may be able to press the case for further technology investment.

This could see companies increase their spend on cloud computing, virtualisation and other transformative technologies.

Posted by Alex Boardman