4G mobile services can support business innovation

Monday 12 November 2012

The adoption of 4G broadband services in the UK could help boost innovation, it has been claimed.

According to telecoms giant EE- which recently became the first major provider to offer 4G mobile services in the UK - companies can use super-fast mobile broadband to jump ahead of the competition.

Some 76 per cent of US-based 4G users said fourth-generation services have given them a noticeable advantage over their rivals.

"This innovation boost has been realised by firms in the construction, automotive and healthcare industries to name but a few," EE stated.

"They are using 4G to introduce new ways of working, products and services before rivals do."

For example, EE explained how a German car manufacturer will become the first to 4G-enable cars when it releases the LTE Car Hotspot, a USB adaptor giving passengers access to super-fast internet.

And an unnamed US construction company is already using 4G to send vast quantities of critical data in the field back to base in real-time.

"It has used one application over 4G to reduce project completion times by as much as 30 per cent, saving $1,000 a day," EE noted.

Posted by Alex Boardman