Cloud computing here to stay, says expert

Monday 12 November 2012

Cloud computing is here to stay for the long term - there will be no return to traditional methods of IT service delivery.

This is the view of Phil Worms, director of marketing at hosting company iomart Group, who believes hosted services will become increasingly common in the coming months and years.

Speaking to the Drum, he said cloud computing is now reaching the mass adoption stage.

"Over the past five years business people have begun to understand and embrace technology as the result of the consumerisation of IT," he stated.

"We have got so used to taking up devices, mobiles, laptops, tablets and using services without any thought about how they’re delivered or the technology behind it."

Mr Worms said this mentality has now seeped into all aspects of the business world and is no longer simply the domain of the IT department.

"We’ve now gotten to the point where people are wondering why they’re spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on developing internal systems when they can acquire services online within a few minutes," he stated.

Martyn Hart, chairman of the National Outsourcing Association, recently said the use of third-party service providers provides immediate access to more skills and better technology.

"Done properly, it is the lowest-risk way to grow in challenging times," he claimed.

Posted by Alex Boardman