Business leaders have various decision making styles

Tuesday 13 November 2012

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There are four main ways business leaders can make decisions, it has been claimed.

Writing for Forbes, Brent Gleeson claimed that all decisions are made through command, collaboration, consensus or convenience.

He noted that business leaders are faced with dozens of decisions that need to be made every day.

"As our organisations grow, the decisions generally become more frequent, more complicated, and have more serious ramifications," Mr Gleeson stated.

"Sometimes it’s not about making the right decision, but just making a decision at all."

He explained that command decision-making is where leaders act autonomously and do not consult their teams.

"This is an effective style, especially when things are moving quickly and the team is looking for immediate guidance," Mr Gleeson noted.

"In a business setting, leaders use this style the most effectively on large financial decisions and in crisis situations."

The collaborative approach sees other individuals adding input - leaders gather their teams and request feedback and insight.

"The leader still makes the final call, but is armed with the proper data to make a more informed decision," Mr Gleeson said.

Thirdly, consensus decision making involves taking a vote on a particular course of action, with the majority ruling.

And finally, convenience decision making sees the responsibility delegated to someone who is better equipped to reach the right conclusion.

"When surrounded by trusted peers, sometimes the best decision a leader can make is to not be the one to make a certain decision," Mr Gleeson stated.

Posted by Sarah Parish