Sound time management boosts productivity

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Business leaders and employees can work more productively if they think about how to make the best possible use of time, it has been claimed.

Adam Gurian, president of Timex, has offered a number of tops tips for making the best possible use of the working day, as reported by Business Insider.

He advises tackling minor tasks immediately to stop them from building up, and keeping an organised list of jobs to be done.

Doing the prep work for tomorrow's tasks can help save time, he noted, as can sticking to a pre-determined schedule wherever possible.

"Short mental breaks during work can rejuvenate you and help you be more productivity," Mr Gurian stated.

He also urged people to take phone calls while stood up, as this will shorten the time spent on the phone and ensure they get to the point of the conversation quickly.

Another important tip for utilising time effectively is to let your boss know if there are problems carrying out assigned work.

"If you know you can’t accomplish a task that is being assigned to you, then muster up the courage to say no to that task," Mr Gurian added.

Using IT sensibly is also important, he noted.

The expert said businesspeople should avoid opening every single email, and limit the amount of time they spend on social media websites.

Posted by Jenny Arthur