Considering the cloud? Establish a user case

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Small company bosses should ask themselves three questions when contemplating moving into the cloud, it has been suggested.

According to Simon Foster, managing director of Shoeboxed Australia, this can help establish a user case for hosted services.

Firstly, business leaders should consider whether they would benefit from access to their data anywhere or from multiple devices.

With smartphones and media tablets becoming increasingly common in business, the cloud can help support remote and flexible working.

And this in turn can potentially boost productivity, ensuring the company is able to increase output.

Next, they should weigh up whether monthly operational costs are more desirable than upfront capital and upgrade costs.

When companies start using cloud services, they are no longer required to spend as much on in-house IT hardware.

"Does functionality compare favourably to your existing solution?" Mr Foster asked.

"What limitations are you currently experiencing and what are the associated costs?

He said that if companies can gain access to a wider range of IT services, and pay no more for them, they may be incentivised to use cloud computing,

Posted by Alex Boardman