Lack of knowledge hampering virtualisation adoption

Wednesday 14 November 2012


A lack of technological understanding and expertise may be preventing businesses from making the most of virtualisation technology, it has been suggested.

Speaking at a roundtable discussion hosted by his company, UKFast’s enterprise solutions architect Tyson Dye said this is creating fear about virtual solutions within the enterprise.

As reported by Channel Biz, he said that very often, the greatest fear for business leaders is the unknown.

Businesses are worried both about how virtualisation works, and whether it is safe, Mr Dye stated.

The concept of virtualisation proves easy enough to explain to most potential customers, he claimed.

However, detailing how the security aspect works tends to prove trickier, and this is proving to be a significant barrier to adoption.

Mr Dye said company bosses need additional reassurance that virtualisation is not something to be feared.

Last month, Chris Papa claimed that virtualisation technology offers far more than just cost benefits, it has been claimed.

He said the ability to more to an OPEX rather than CAPEX model of investment appeals to many business, but investors are also drawn in by increased flexibility.

Mr Papa said IT managers gain the ability to assign the right resources where they are needed on the front line.

Posted by Alex Boardman