Great customer service vital for ecommerce websites

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Great customer service is the key for selling goods and services over the internet, it has been claimed.

Chris Gibson, co-founder of - which was sold for £12 million in 2005 - said there are "huge benefits" in being able to drive revenue online.

He told the Leicester Mercury that even small websites have the potential to affect a large amount of revenue.

But in order for ecommerce sites to be successful, businesses need to invest in the customer experience, Mr Gibson claimed.

"A site needs to be quick and everything has to be displayed clearly," he stated.

"You have to be transparent with delivery charges, visitors need to know whether or not something is in stock."

Mr Gibson said it is also vital that the website provides a phone number for customer queries - as this will help reassure customers.

They want to know they can get in touch with the company quickly if there is a problem with the order.

"There has to be great customer service," Mr Gibson stated.

Last week, John Boe told that companies need to tailor their customer service approach to meet the needs of individual consumers.

Businesses need to consider the temperament styles of their customers and use this information - if they have it - to shape the way they communicate with them.

Posted by Jenny Arthur