Christmas parties can provide employee morale boost

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Businesses may be able to boost employee morale and improve communication between workers by organising events such as Christmas parties, it has been claimed,

Hilary Jeanes, a leadership coach and HR consultant with PurpleLine Consulting, said corporate events can play an important role in improving working relationships and business performance.

She noted that people often people only get feedback when things go wrong, so it is good for the company to recognise the achievements of the workforce as a whole.

"Recognition and a positive environment do much to boost morale," Ms Jeanes stated.

She added that a Christmas party offers the opportunity to share and celebrate the successes of the past year.

It also allows people to spend time together in a relaxed way, Ms Jeanes stated.

"At this time of year a team Christmas lunch or Secret Santa helps communication and teamworking, and flexibility to allow working parents to attend events that their children are taking part in goes down well," she noted.

"But remember those without children too - consider offering a few hours to get some Christmas shopping done to avoid any resentment."

Posted by Sarah Parish